All About Me

Our first slideshow project is “All About Me”.

Create a storyboard and include these items:
1. Title: All About Me
Subtitle: By ________________
2. Family
3. Pets
4. My Favorite Class is ______ because…
5. Hobbies/Interests
6. Something I would like to learn in technology
7. Something Special About Me is…
8. Thank you for watching my slideshow
9. Citations

Then, have your teacher initial your storyboard.

We build a slideshow in this order:
1. Words first!
2. Pictures second with citations! (Do the citations of the pictures that you use as you go, not later!)
3. Fancy Stuff third!
4. Everything must be school appropriate.

This will be fun!

This is a great opportunity to “Show What You Know in iReady Testing.”
CLICK HERE and follow your teacher’s directions to show what you know and dazzle the teacher!

What’s my grade? Do I have any missing assignments? These are just some of the questions that you can answer just by checking the Home Access Center (HAC). So, let’s start today!

Scroll down and click on “Home Access Center” under “Bookmarks” on the right side of this page.
Follow the directions on pg. 8 in your Daily Planner to learn what your User Name and Password are. Then click Login.
Navigate through the HAC by using the tabs at the top and scrolling through the info.

Grades are updated at least twice a month (or more!) You can count on the 1st and the 15th updates on most months, and sometimes even more often than that! I do most of my grading on weekends, so you can see new grades (if there are any) the beginning of the week (Monday.)

You did it! Now that was EASY!

Were you excited about the first day of middle school? Were you nervous? Were you able to sleep? Or did you lie awake wondering if you would fit in? Check out how these kids felt “The Night Before” the first day of school!

Have you ever used chopsticks?  In China?  Well, I have always by-passed using chopsticks in Chinese restaurants because I find them so hard to use.  I thought that I was “chopstick challenged.”  However, when we went to China over Spring Break, that’s all they use — chopsticks!

So, after muddling through my first day eating with chopsticks, my “Chinese mother” (host family mother) noticed that when we went shopping, I signed my VISA sales slip with my left hand.  She asked me, through a lot of pointing and gesturing, why I signed with my left hand, but used chopsticks with my right hand.  I had never thought about it, since people, typically, teach you to use chopsticks with your right hand.

So, I switched!  I tried the chopsticks in my left hand and … voila!  Immediately I could use the chopsticks and eat!  I didn’t even need any practice!  That was pretty exciting. So, now I know, hey, I’m left handed!


We had an amazing shopping trip our first day in China.  We shopped in open air markets, from people with their goods for sale on blankets, and little indoor shops.  The shopping was good, but it was in the worst sand storm in four years.

How can you shop in a sand storm, you say?  Well, with a scarf, of course!  You don’t think that we would let a little thing like sand stand in our way of shoping, do you?

At the Eugene airport Alondra, Madison, Ginny (standing), and Suzanne and Kristy (sitting) are ready to leave for Beijing, China (March 18, 2010.)  The excitement is evident on their faces, but do they know it is a 13 hour flight?  If not, they soon will!  They will fly to San Francisco (Kristy’s first trip to Califormia), and then on to Beijing.  Talk about jet lag!  Well, we’ll see!

Can you believe it?  This is it!  The Great Wall of China!  That’s me in the lower right corner (black coat, pink scarf).  Straight ahead of me in pink is Suyu; she is part of my new Chinese Family.  My legs are a little tired tonight (to put it mildly), but it is so worth it.  It was a beautiful day and we got lots of good pictures.  I can’t wait to show you more pictures from our group.

What an experience!!  This is totally AWESOME!! My host family is amazing! I am having a wonderful experience – all good! I couldn’t believe all they did in preparation of my arrival… New toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, my personal towel (the size of dish towel, but a towel nevertheless!), the foods they have purchased and prepare – all to ensure my stay is special and memorable and reflects the best of Beijing. I am overwhelmed with their kindness and all that they have done for me in such a short time. Did I mention the purchased slippers for me to wear in the house?! Awesome! (Also have wireless and no need for adaptors! Amazing.  🙂 I am looking forward to getting together and sharing our stories,  Take care, Ginny