How creative are you?Math Star for Tech

Open a new Power Point slideshow and use the Basic Shapes and Lines to create a drawing of each of the following objects:
1. Food
2. Toy
3. Doll
4. Animal
5. Alien

You will have 5 slides only. You can use the Shapes Fill to change the line shape and color. You can create the colors and weight of the line (how wide it is) and more when you double click the shape. You can also right click on any of your shapes to access the tools to change the fill, etc.

When done…,
Select a slide and create a setting. Repeat until all slides have a setting.
Have fun!

Four Seasons

This is a Proof (test!) to show what you know! So, create a slideshow that illustrates your favorite season through your five senses.
Use only one picture as the background. The picture IS the background, so no animation will be applied to the picture background.

Be aware of word color and the contrast of the background. We have to be able to read the words! You will be graded using the same rubric that we’ve used on the first two slideshows.

Stay focused and work hard!

Start with your storyboard. Have it approved by the teacher or E.A.

1. Title Slide: My Favorite Season is…
By: __________

2. ___________ looks like __________________

3. ___________ smells like __________________

4. ___________ tastes like __________________

5. ___________ sounds like __________________

6. ___________ feels like __________________

7. Thank you for watching my slideshow!

8. Citations

How do we build a slideshow???
1. Words first!
2. Pictures second with citations!
3. Fancy Stuff third!
4. Everything must be school appropriate.

Have fun!

What's Your Best Day Ever??

What’s Your Best Day Ever??


Get ready to have some fun putting your awesome computer skills to work. Our next slideshow is called “My Best Day Ever!”

Create a storyboard first and include these items:
1. Title: My Best Day Ever!
Subtitle: By ________________
2. Where would you go?
3. Who would go with you?
4. How would you get there? (car, boat, plane, etc.)
5. What would you do or see?
6. What would you eat?
7. Thank you for watching my slideshow
8. Citations (as many pages as you need)

Have your teacher or E.A. initial your storyboard. Then, build your slideshow on the computer.

How do we build a slideshow?
1. Words first!
2. Pictures second! (With citations of the pictures that you use as you go, not later!)
3. Fancy Stuff third!
4. Everything must be school appropriate.

Have fun!

When you are done with your slideshow,
1) Select one of the topics below and create a storyboard (Do internet research, if you need to, to find enough information.)
2) Get your teacher’s initials for approval.
3) Create your slideshow, following the procedures taught in class.
(Words 1st, pictures 2nd w/ citations, & fancy stuff 3rd.)

Topics/Ideas (school appropriate):
Favorite Team
Types of Dogs (or another animal)
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
The Natural Water Cycle
Life Cycle of the Salmon
The History of Anime
The History of …
The Life of __________ (Famous Person)

If you don’t find a topic/idea you want to work on, come up with one of your own and get it approved. Then, create your storyboard!

All About Me

Our first slideshow project is “All About Me”.

Create a storyboard and include these items:
1. Title: All About Me
Subtitle: By ________________
2. Family
3. Pets
4. My Favorite Class is ______ because…
5. Hobbies/Interests
6. Something I would like to learn in technology
7. Something Special About Me is…
8. Thank you for watching my slideshow
9. Citations

Then, have your teacher initial your storyboard.

We build a slideshow in this order:
1. Words first!
2. Pictures second with citations! (Do the citations of the pictures that you use as you go, not later!)
3. Fancy Stuff third!
4. Everything must be school appropriate.

This will be fun!

This is a great opportunity to “Show What You Know in iReady Testing.”
CLICK HERE and follow your teacher’s directions to show what you know and dazzle the teacher!

What’s my grade? Do I have any missing assignments? These are just some of the questions that you can answer just by checking the Home Access Center (HAC). So, let’s start today!

Scroll down and click on “Home Access Center” under “Bookmarks” on the right side of this page.
Follow the directions on pg. 8 in your Daily Planner to learn what your User Name and Password are. Then click Login.
Navigate through the HAC by using the tabs at the top and scrolling through the info.

Grades are updated at least twice a month (or more!) You can count on the 1st and the 15th updates on most months, and sometimes even more often than that! I do most of my grading on weekends, so you can see new grades (if there are any) the beginning of the week (Monday.)

You did it! Now that was EASY!

Were you excited about the first day of middle school? Were you nervous? Were you able to sleep? Or did you lie awake wondering if you would fit in? Check out how these kids felt “The Night Before” the first day of school!

Have you ever used chopsticks?  In China?  Well, I have always by-passed using chopsticks in Chinese restaurants because I find them so hard to use.  I thought that I was “chopstick challenged.”  However, when we went to China over Spring Break, that’s all they use — chopsticks!

So, after muddling through my first day eating with chopsticks, my “Chinese mother” (host family mother) noticed that when we went shopping, I signed my VISA sales slip with my left hand.  She asked me, through a lot of pointing and gesturing, why I signed with my left hand, but used chopsticks with my right hand.  I had never thought about it, since people, typically, teach you to use chopsticks with your right hand.

So, I switched!  I tried the chopsticks in my left hand and … voila!  Immediately I could use the chopsticks and eat!  I didn’t even need any practice!  That was pretty exciting. So, now I know, hey, I’m left handed!