Wondering about weather?

Often around this time of year, the Willamette Valley sees periodic adverse weather conditions such as ice or snow. The District Office and Transportation Department are responsible for determining delays and cancellations and try to make these decisions early in the morning to give families as much time as possible to make arrangements for their children. For parents, obtaining this information can be quick and easy if you know where to look. Of course, our local news stations maintain a running list of schedule delays and cancellations on particularly treacherous days, but there are some other resources available to you:

Flash Alerts — This subscription allows you to sign up using your mobile number and/or email address for alerts from Bethel School District, as well as other area organizations. You select which agencies you want alerts from and they will send you a text or email anytime one of those organizations release information on the system. This is my personal favorite.

Twitter — Follow Superintendent Chris Parra (@Bethel_Supt) for weather delay information, as well as other district updates.

Clear Lake Blog — Building administrators in the district also post information about delays and cancellations as it becomes available, and you can find these posts right on our own Clear Lake blog where Principal Karyn Bayer keeps families informed about building events and updates.