Attendance & Make-Up Work

There are times when it is necessary for a student to miss class. Unfortunately, instruction continues even in the student’s absence and will need to be made up to ensure the child is prepared for the new instruction that will occur upon his/her return.

Our class has an Absence Folder system to help ease the burden of making up missed work. All assignments handed out during the day are collected on each student’s clipboard. If requested, this work is placed in an orange Absence Folder that is then available for pick up at the end of the school day. If you have another child attending Clear Lake, they can pick up the orange folder to take home.

Instructional time is very valuable, and regular attendance is vital for students to progress throughout the coursework. If your student is absent, please alert our front office at 541-689-0511 ASAP. When possible, please schedule appointments outside of school hours.