Rules & Expectations

At Clear Lake Elementary, learning is our priority. To promote teaching and learning in a secure, positive environment, we have three schoolwide rules:

Be Safe Be Responsible  Be Respectful


Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
Clear Lake Elementary School utilizes a behavior model called Positive Behavior Support (PBS). Key to this system is our focus on three behavioral expectations that are positively stated and easy to remember. In other words, rather than telling students what not to do, we focus on the preferred behaviors: Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful. We recognize students engaged in these behaviors with reward tickets called Paw Pride tickets. Classes collect these tickets and when they reach various intervals, they enjoy pre-determined group rewards like Foot Freedom, Mystery Reader or Crazy Hair Day. These rewards change periodically to encourage continued interest and participation by the children.

PBS in the Classroom

Within the classroom, we are looking to recognize students doing things the right way, too, and have five classroom rules that fall within our three schoolwide rules:

  1. Listen when others are speaking.
  2. Show respect for school and personal property.
  3. Follow directions quickly.
  4. Keep my hands, feet and objects to myself.
  5. Work quietly.

By modeling the behaviors we expect and rewarding kids doing these things, we can foster a learning environment where students are on-task and feel good about the work they are putting into school.

The Teacher-Student Game
The Teacher-Student Game is a simple and effective way to motivate students to work hard. Each day, the class earns points by doing what the teacher expects (ex. following directions, class participation, etc.). The teacher earns points when individuals in the group are not doing what is expected (ex. talking out, out of seat, not responding, etc.). At the end of the day, the class earns a star if they have earned more points than the teacher. Once the class earns 25 stars, they earn a group reward. The reward varies and is kept in the “Mystery Envelope” until enough stars have been awarded.