Tuesday Folders

Clear Lake strives to keep an open line of communication with parents. As part of this effort, we send home a special folder — referred to as the “Tuesday Folder” — each week with various communications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Notes from the teacher
  • School newsletters
  • Announcements
  • Information about school events
  • Parent resources
  • Homework help
  • Extra reading practice materials
  • More!

Every student in the school has one of these navy blue folders, so if you have students in other classes/grades, you should expect a folder to come home with them, as well. Keep an eye out for these tools and information each week!

Another important note: Please do not send me notes through the Tuesday folders — I NEVER SEE THEM. The best way to communicate with me is via email. If you have an emergency or other urgent message to get to me or your child, please phone our front office at 541-689-0511.