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Software / Programs

Software Center

Staff accounts have access to “Software Center”. This program contains pre-approved software by the tech department which users can install without admin rights.

How To Open Software Center

  1. Start
  2. All Programs
  3. Microsoft System Center
  4. Software Center

Alternative way to find it is press start, then type in Software Center in the search.

Software Center

1 – Select Program 2 – Click Install 3 – This link is for software that requires approval (paid programs)


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Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)

This is a friendly reminder that Bethel employees are eligible to participate in Microsoft’s Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2016® to install and use on ONE home computer (Please read the FAQ here , Products, Licenses & Options section) for only $9.95. Before ordering, please double check the system requirements for Office 2016 for both Mac and PC here.

You may install and use HUP software as long as you are a Bethel School District employee however, you must remove it from your system if you retire or leave the district.

To access the Microsoft Home Use Program Web site:

  1. From your HOME COMPUTER, go to
    2. Enter your BETHEL e-mail address.
    3. Check your Bethel email. When you receive your confirmation email, click on the “Buy Now” button which will redirect you to the online order page. You will have the option to remove the Backup DVD from the order if you choose. Once you complete the order, download the Office product electronically onto your home computer. Follow the instructions (included in the order confirmation email) to install Office HUP version on your home machine.

We trust you will enjoy this benefit and look forward to your participation.

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Network / Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Networks

Quick answer: BSD-Secure is for staff and students including their personal devices such as phones/tablets/laptops. BSD-Guest is for visitors that don’t have bethel accounts. Such as a guest speaker from Company X.


This network is to be used by all Bethel Staff and Students weather its district owned or personal property. Use your username (first.last example: john.smith) and the same password you use to login to e-mail or a district machine.

Student’s BYOD devices will be handled identically to staff BYOD devices. Students should use the BSD-Secure network for their personal phones, tablets or laptops. When logging into a lab PC or their own BYOD device, they will be web-filtered according to the preset (K-4 or 5-12) group filter. Again, students should not use the BSD-Guest network for any reason.

IMPORTANT: If you bring-your-own-device (BYOD) such as a phone, tablet or personal laptop, simply connect to the BSD-Secure network using your domain username and password (the same credentials you use to login to your PC). The only difference is that your BYOD device will not be allowed access to internal resources other than email (so no printing, file services, etc.). You will, however, receive the same web filtering level as you would on your PC.


This network is for guests only and not for use by staff or students for any reason. We have a very limited number of guest network licenses so it is critical that BSD-Guest connectivity is reserved for out-of-district visitors only.

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Network Shares

Open the Finder, click Go on the menu at the top of the screen, and select Connect to Server. Enter the following: smb://FS1

You can replace FS1 with any server name.

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Google Docs

Student Accounts

Username is
Password is SchoolAbvStudentID

Example: John Apple with Student ID 102102 at Shasta Middle School
Password: sms102102

Staff Accounts

Username is first.last
Password is auto-generated. You would have received the password at the time your account was created.

Account Setup and Login

Accounts are created by Tim Goss. E-mail him for account creations. You can find the Bethel Docs Login page here:

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E-mail and PC Login

Domain and E-mail accounts are created once an onboarding request forum is sent by the administrator of the location. Typically takes 1-3 days for the account to be created once the forum is submitted.


Username: firstname.lastname
Password: Is sent to the principal and secretaries at the location of hire. This can be changed to your choice.


Username: LastName.FirstName
Password: FirstIntialLastIntialStudentID

Student Account Example – John Apple with the ID of 102102
Username: Apple.John
Password: JA102102

This account can be used to login to the following:

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Usernames are dependent on the device and should never be needed. If you need one, please submit a trouble ticket and we will assist you.

Student and Staff iPads each have their own passwords which are synced across all district iPads. These passwords will be given to you if you receive iPads.


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Pentamation can be accessed by going to the Bethel homepage, selecting Staff at the top, then choose Pentamation. Direct Link.

Username: btlFirstIntialLastName
Password: Will be giving to head secretaries and principals at your building.

Example for John Apple
Username: btljapple

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Add A Printer

To install a printer you must be logged into a staff account. This will not work for student profiles.

  1. Start
  2. Click Devices and Printers on the right.
  3. Near the top of the window click “Add a printer
  4. Select the bottom option “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
  5. Click “The printer that I want isn’t listed” near the bottom.
  6. Select the 2nd option “Select a shared printer by name
  7. Type in \\print\ and in a few seconds you should see a bunch of printers showup.
  8. You can continue typing after the \ for the location you need. Such as \\print\CMS will narrow down the results for Cascade printers only.

GIF How to add printer

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Start by logging into your mailbox by dialing 86 (VM)

To listen to your messages:

  1. Press L (5) to listen to your messages
  2. While listening to your message, you can do one of the following:
    1. Dial RE (73) to record a reply for the message sender.
    2. Dial MF (63) to forward the message to a co-worker.
    3. Dial MC (62) to make a return call to the message sender.
    4. Dial TI (84) to hear the time and date the message was sent.
    5. Dial SA (72) to save the message in your mailbox.
    6. Dial E (3)  to erase the message.
    7. Dial N (6) to listen to the next message.
    8. Dial B (2) to back the message up a few seconds, or G (4) to go ahead a few seconds.
    9. Press R (7) to repeat the message from the beginning.
    10. Dial * to pause and resume listening.
    11. Press # to exit the message listen mode.


To record a greeting for your mailbox:

  1. Press G (4) to change your greeting
  2. Press 1, 2 or 3 to select which of the three available greetings you want to be active.
  1. Do one of the following:
    1. – Press L (5)  to listen to your greeting (if recorded).
    2. – Press R (7)  to record a new greeting.
    3. – Press E (3)  to delete your greeting (and use the built-in prerecorded greeting).
    4. – Press # to exit without changing your greeting.


To record a name for your mailbox:

  1. Dial RN (76).
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. Press L (5) to listen to your name (if recorded).
    2. Press R (7) to record a new name.
    3. Press E (3) to erase your name (and use your extension number instead).
    4. Press #  to exit without changing your name.


To enter a security code for your mailbox:

  1. Dial OP (67) and dial (7).
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. Enter a new 4 digit  security code.
    2. Press (*) to erase your security code.
    3. Press # to exit without changing your security code.

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Voicemail Secuirty Code

To change your code is easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four
  5. five

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Call Forward

If you need to forward all incoming calls to another extension follow the guide below.

Setup Call Forwarding

  1. Lift Handset
  2. Dial CALL FORWARD ALL Code 741
  3. Dial 1
  4. Dial the destination extension number
  5. Hang Up

To CANCEL your forward calls

  1. Lift Handset
  2. Dial CALL FORWARD ALL Code 741
  3. Dial 0 to cancel
  4. Hang Up

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Place an Outside Call

To dial outside of the district:

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Dial “9” to access an outside line
  3. Dial selected telephone number

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Transfer A Call

  1. Press Hookswitch (or “Flash” button)
  2. Dial extension number
  3. When you hear ringing, hang up, or you may stay on the line to announce the call, then hang up.

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Do Not Disturb

  1. Lift Handset
  2. Dial 747 plus 3 to set
  3. Dial 747 plus 0 to cancel

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Network Shares

Work Folders – Access Your P: Drive At Home

If you have a home computer that is running Windows version 8.1, 10, or newer, then you can set up Microsoft Work Folders and sync your Bethel “staffhome” folder on your home machine. Before you set up Work Folders, make sure you have enough hard drive space on your home machine to accommodate files in your staffhome folder. Once synced, you can edit files at home or at work and they will appear in both places.

Here is a brief overview with screen captures of each step following:

  1. Open Control Panel, click on Work Folders
  2. On the Manage Work Folders page, click “Set up Work Folders”.
  3. On the next page, enter your full Bethel email address, click the Next button.
  4. Enter your credentials into Windows Security pop-up window. Syntax should be BSD\firstname.lastname, then your password.
  5. Finalize your setup by selecting the default location and click the Next button, then finish.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:


Step 5:


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File Back Up | P: Drive

Remember to keep your files backed up! You are not immune to hard drive failures. All electronics fail at some point.

It’s highly recommend you save all your work to your P: Drive. This drive can be found by going to Start > Computer > P: (Drive with your name) Anohter benefit to this is no matter what distict machine you login to you’ll be able to access any files saved in your network folder. Say you were in the computer lab. Signed in and realized you forgot to print off the assignment. Instead of going back to your classroom you could sign into a lab machine, go to your P: drive and print the document!

This drive is located on our servers which are backup every night to 2 different buildings in our district.

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