How To Book a Room in Outlook

Here is the step-by-step procedure for booking a room using the Outlook Calendar:

Step 1. In Outlook, go to your Calendar, then select New Appointment at the top left. The resulting dialogue window will look like this:






Step 2. Add the subject of the meeting on the Subject Line. Fill in any notes for the meeting in the body of the meeting message. If you need food for the meeting, you can add that request as part of the note.





Step 3. Next, click on the Scheduling Assistant button at the top.







Step 4. Enter attendees by typing their name on each line on the left, or by clicking the Add Attendees button at the bottom.







Step 5. Next, click on the Add Rooms button. Select the room you want to book and either double click it or click the Rooms button on the bottom of the dialogue window. If the room is already booked during the timeframe of your proposed meeting, search for a timeframe where the room is open and available.















Step7Step 6. If you want to set a recurring meeting, select the Recurrence button at the top, fill in the pertinent information in the Appointment Recurrence dialogue box.






Step8Step 7. Now click on the Appointment button at the top to verify your meeting requirements. You will notice you have both your attendee(s) and the conference room. CLICK SEND to schedule the meeting.







Step 8. You will receive a notification email from the Room resource booking attendant. All rooms are set tentatively until approved by the owner.







Step 9. Once the owner approves the request, you will receive a final notification from the booking attendant…