• Free Library Cards for All Students!
    Eugene Library Cards Free For All Students We first shared this news in early September, and now the applications are on their way. All Bethel enrolled students will be eligible […]
  • Free Library Cards for All Students!
    Eugene Library Cards Free For All Students We first shared this news in early September, and now the applications are on their way. All Bethel enrolled students will be eligible […]

January 2014 Counselor’s Corner

Welcome back Meadow View and Malabon families.  School will be starting soon, January 6, 2014, and there are many things in store in the upcoming weeks of the counseling program.  I will be starting small group counseling, including friendship, social skills, family, and grief groups.  I will be sending home permissions the first two weeks of school, and then will start after that.  If you feel your child needs a small group, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

January is probably a good time to reiterate the counseling resources in the community as well.  We have several counseling agencies and counselors in the community that offer individual, family, and group counseling for many different topics.  Some of the topics counselors can help parents and children with are:  Changes in families such as divorce/remarriage, and other family changes, abuse, alcoholism and other drugs, grief, depression, and supporting your child with ADHD, Autism, and social skills.

Up above, if you click on the COUNSELING RESOURCES TAB, it lists many counseling resources in the area, and other resources as well.  Just click on one to see all the resources.  Donna Butera is our Family Resource liason for the Bethel School district.  She can help with resources your family might need.  Her main base is at Malabon School and her phone number is: 541-461-6424 ext. 2543.

Peer Mediation:

Peer mediation at Malabon has been in full swing since the middle of November, and going strong.  If your child needs help on the playground at Malabon, and they are in 1st- 3rd grade, they can ask a peer mediator to help them solve the problem.  Peer mediators work in pairs, to help the 1st- 3rd grade students solve problems, usually on the playground.

Peer mediation at Meadow View was put on hold because of the snow storm, and is scheduled for the first week back to school, on Thursday, Jan. 9 and 10.  If your child has been chosen to peer mediate, please make sure their permission is turned in before Thursday, so they can attend.  If your child needs a new permission, have them ask me for one, and I can get them a new one.  I am so excited to get this going at Meadow View.

Classroom Guidance:

With the start of small groups, classroom guidance will be every third week, for 30 minutes, grades 1-3.  Kindergarten will be every other week, and 4th and 5th will be every week.

Kindergarten – The kindergarteners will soon be learning about personal safety.  This includes how to keep their body safe from fire, guns, and unwanted and unsafe touches.  I will be sending home more information on this topic soon.  

First grade – First graders will be learning about how to identify their own feelings by noticing clues their body is giving them, like fast heart beat, hot face, watery eyes, tight jaw, hands in fists.  They will also be learning how to communicate those feelings to others, and identifying adults they can talk to when they are having a strong feeling.

Second grade Second graders have finished Unit 1- Skills for Learning (All but Ms. Simmons’ class -They have one more lesson – Be Assertive), and will be starting Unit 2 -Empathy.  

Third grade – All third graders have finished Unit 1 – Skills for Learning.  Meadow View third graders have started Unit 2 – Empathy, and will continue in this unit in January.  Malabon third graders will be starting Unit 2 in January.  

Fourth grade – Fourth graders have been learning about respect, how to start conversations with people, and how to join a group.  At Meadow View, they also read, Mr. Peabody’s Apples, written by Madonna, a story about spreading rumors.  We then came up with strategies for how to prevent rumors, and stop them when they start.  We are working on making Rumor Buster Id badges – a pledge to not spread rumors and to stop rumors that start.  We will continue with the Steps to Respect program, learning about what bullying is, and how to recognize it when we see it.  

Fifth grade – I am pleased to announce that the fifth grades, and the 4/5 blend at Meadow View, have reviewed respect,  making friends,  joining a group, bullying, and what to do if it is happening to them or if they see it as a bystander.  If they are a bystander, they should not stand by and let it happen.  If they feel safe, they can refuse the bullying first, then report it to an adult.  If it isn’t safe, they should report it to an adult right away.  

Meadow View 5th grade students and the 4/5 blend, will be starting the Book, There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom, written by Louis Sachar.  This book is part of the Steps to Respect Curriculum, and will help the students be able to recognize and use the skills they learned to help the main character in the book, overcome his obstacles in making friends/fitting in/social cues/skills, and bullying, thereby increasing their own skills in these areas.  There are many activities planned that go along with this curriculum to help the students increase their own skills.

Malabon 5th grade students have learned about respect, including others in their play, and joining a group.  Next up is recognizing bullying.  

I look forward to a wonderful 2014!


Mrs. Foytek,

Malabon and Meadow View Counselor

541-461-6424 ext 2540 Malabon M/W/ Friday afternoons

541-607-9701 ext. 2645 Meadow View Tu/Th/ Friday mornings


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