• Free Library Cards for All Students!
    Eugene Library Cards Free For All Students We first shared this news in early September, and now the applications are on their way. All Bethel enrolled students will be eligible […]
  • Free Library Cards for All Students!
    Eugene Library Cards Free For All Students We first shared this news in early September, and now the applications are on their way. All Bethel enrolled students will be eligible […]

Welcome to the Meadow View and Malabon Counseling Blog, and welcome to the 2015-16 school year.  I am glad to be back, starting my eleventh year at Meadow View, 3rd year at Malabon, and my 19th year of counseling.  I am so excited to announce that we will have an addition to our counseling staff at Meadow View this year!  Bridget Drobac will be joining us this year, full time, and I will be half time at Meadow View, and half time at Malabon.  I will be at Malabon on Mon/Wed/ and Fridays, and at Meadow View on Tues/Th/ and Fridays.

Mrs. Drobac has been a counselor at several of the Bethel schools, and has lead the district as our PBIS coordinator. Bridget has experience working in a K-8, elementary and middle school as well as residential treatment programs. Bridget is eager to join our team!

Mrs. Drobac and I will be able to offer many counseling services to your children, including but not limited to: individual, small group, and classroom guidance, which are explained below. 

Classroom Guidance:

K-5 will receive classroom guidance as needed at both Malabon and Meadow View. Grades 6-8 will receive classroom guidance as needed as well. Topics for classroom guidance will be life skills such as problem- solving, decision making, self-esteem, making friends, how to handle feelings, and working together.

Small Groups:

Small groups provide an opportunity for additional learning experiences, practice, and support to strengthen student’s likelihood of success at school.  Small skill groups that may be offered are:  School Success, Social Skills, Friendship, Healthy Lifestyles, and Families in Transition.   If you would like your child to be in a small skill group, please contact Mrs. Drobac (MV only) or Mrs. Foytek (MV & Malabon) at your earliest convenience.

School Success-essential skills will be taught…listening, focusing, being organized, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Social Skills-students will learn skills to manage themselves successfully in the classroom and in other settings.  Students will gain skills to help them recognize and express feelings appropriately with peers and adults.

Friendship- this group will focus on acknowledging and strengthening our friendship qualities, connecting and communicating with others, and dealing with friendship issues.

Healthy Lifestyles- designed to help students feel good about who they are so they can be successful in school.  Students will identify the things they do well, have an opportunity to acknowledge their strengths.  When applicable, nutrition, physical activity, body image, and hygiene may be skills covered.

Families in Transition- for students who have experienced family hardships such as grief/loss, divorce, separation, imprisonment, foster care, economic, homelessness, etc.  This group will provide support and encouragement to students experiencing similar life challenges.

Individual counseling: Individual counseling, as well as small group counseling is available at student, teacher, counselor, principal, or parent/guardian request.

Upcoming Events:

Project Hope– August 30th-  Project Hope provides school supplies, backpacks, and other resources to Bethel Students.  You need a ticket to attend the event.  Pick up tickets at your school.

Operation School Bell-

Assistance League of Eugene supports a program of student assistance called Operation School Bell. This program is made possible through the fundraising activities of Assistance League of Eugene in cooperation with local Fred Meyer stores.

Shopping Events for school clothes at two local Fred Meyer stores have been scheduled in September-October, 2015, for eligible students whose families are experiencing financial hardship.

Since the number of available shopping spots is limited, it is possible that funding may not be available for all eligible students. Selected students will be notified of the date, time and location of their Shopping Event.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, and are in need of school clothes, please contact your school counselor/s.

We hope you have enjoyed the first of many counseling posts for the 2015-16 school year.  Please stop in to see us as we would like to get to know all of the parents and students.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact either of us.


Mrs. Drobac and Mrs. Foytek,

Meadow View & Malabon Counselors

bridget.drobac@bethel.k12.or.us   MV 541-607-9701 ext 2618

terry.foytek@bethel.k12.or.us         MV 541-607-9701 ext 2645

                                                                     Malabon 541-461-6421 ext 2540  


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