Counseling & Mental Health


Elisabeth Goldenberg, MSW- Options Counseling, bilingual therapist

541-762-1971              preferred provider-OHP, Do take others like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Pacific Source, but not the preferred provider, so it may cost more

Sarah Wells, and Amber -Options Counseling


Willamette Family Center- Specialize in serving students with complex behavioral needs, see individuals, families, couples, go out to the schools and homes.  Take OHP, and one therapist takes private insurance if she is on the family’s insurance plan.  The main number is: 541-344-0031  Individual therapists:

Jackie Lowzik, LPC  541-343-2993 Willamette Family Center

Keyonna McCulloch, MSW– Willammette Family Center

Dawn Sly, LCSW, QMHP– Willammette Family Center- 541-684-4209

Carrie Watters, MS, QMHP– Willamette Family Center/Childhood & Mental Health Team  541-684-4112

Rapid Access Center (RAC) at Willammette Family Center– Do mental health referrals, and can get you in right away.  541-762-4300  Located at 195 W. 12th.  Drop-in  M-F 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.  a medical clinic merged with drug/alcohol/mental health programs. Accepts OHP, some private, some sliding scale.


Dr. Strgar: 541-747-1235 Psychiatrist

Dr. Holt: 541-687-6010  Psychiatrist

Dr. Jennifer Schumann: Psychiatrist 541-686-2837 These psychiatrists can provide an assessment to determine if medication is needed. For mental health services you can contact the RAC for an assessment to start receiving therapy services. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Dr. Ben Bock, Psychologist, Private Practice– takes both OHP and some private insurance


Dr. Rhonda Roberts, Pediatrician– works with children 10 years and under, with behavioral and mental health needs- Does NOT take OHP, takes Cigna, Aetna, Providence HP, Regence-Blue Cross Blue Shield, ODS Health Plans, United Health Care, and others       541-484-1075    1639 E. 19th Ave 97403


Dr. Rebecca Gordon, Psychiatrist– works with mostly teens with behavioral and mental health needs  541-484-6700   1639 E. 19th  Ave 97403, takes Cigna, Great-West Health Care, Providence HP, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Dr. Pillar Bradshaw, MD, pediatric physician, specializing in asthma, medically fragile children, and adolescent eating disorders 541-484-5437 at Eugene Pediatrics-Takes all insurance, but recently she is just seeing newborns, unless a sibling is already established with her.

Terri Strong, Counselor– works with behaviors like eating disorders

Suzanne Ponsioen, LMFT, Lane County Mental Health-


Amy McCormick, LCSW– works with the Bethel Health Clinic- limited hours- currently only takes private insurance


Jamie Altree– counselor- works with cutters- doesn’t take insurance, but has low fees


Dr. Cara DiMarco– works with women

Jean Dougherty– works with women

Dan Duncan, individual therapist– works with Adults, and kids- specializes in ADD, Autism, and Anxiety.

Ted Taylor, Child Psychologist– works well with kids and families who have anxiety.

Eugene Therapy- Marc Zola- Does family therapy and works individually with kids.  541-868-2004

Oregon Social Learning Center-Kathleen Nutt-individual and family counseling.  541-485-2711

 Christians as Family Advocates(CAFA)- Cathy Jansen- Counselor-


Counseling agencies that see individuals and families:

The Child Center- 541-726-1465 comes into the schools and do mental health assessments- have counselors and a psychiatrist

Lane County Mental Health 541-682-3608 – have counselors and psychiatrists and do mental health assessments.

Child and Family Center

Christians as Family Advocates (CAFA)

Direction Service Counseling Center

Looking Glass Counseling Center

Options Counseling Services of Oregon, Inc


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