Small group counseling

Small groups provide an opportunity for additional learning experiences, practice, and support to strengthen student’s likelihood of success at school.  Students can receive small group counseling by parent, staff, or self-referral. Groups are on topics such as social skills, friendship, family changes, anger management, and self-esteem.  If you would like your child to participate in a small group, please contact either Mrs. Drobac or Mrs. Foytek at your earliest convenience.

Small group participation will require parental/guardian permission.

Some of the groups possible are:

School Success-essential skills will be taught…listening, focusing, being organized, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Social Skills-students will learn skills to manage themselves successfully in the classroom and in other settings.  Students will gain skills to help them recognize and express feelings appropriately with peers and adults.

Friendship- this group will focus on acknowledging and strengthening our friendship qualities, connecting and communicating with others, and dealing with friendship issues.

Healthy Lifestyles- designed to help students feel good about who they are so they can be successful in school.  Students will identify the things they do well, have an opportunity to acknowledge their strengths.  When applicable, nutrition, physical activity, body image, and hygiene may be skills covered.

Families in Transition- for students who have experienced family hardships such as grief/loss, divorce, separation, imprisonment, foster care, economic, homelessness, etc.  This group will provide support and encouragement to students experiencing similar life challenges.


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