Bethel Health Center will be closed from June 14 to August 12.

Sports physicals available on August 13 and 14 from 9am to 5pm.

Drop in; no appointment necessary.

Cost $40 cash or check.

On August 28th, Bethel Health Center will be open for patient visits and resume being open 3 days a week on school days.

Please place this information in your newsletters if possible.

Have a great summer!


Annemarie Hirsch RN,BSN
Health Center Coordinator

May/June Counselor’s Corner-


Wow, I can’t believe how this year has just flown by!  I hope you all have a relaxing and peaceful summer with family and friends, and I will see you all next year.  Below you will find a summary of the topics each grade level  are learning about in classroom guidance for May and June.


Kindergarteners are learning about fair ways to play with each other and practicing these skills.  They learned about sharing, taking turns, and trading.  They also learned about tattling and how it affects others around them.  Lastly, the kindergarteners learned about personal safety by meeting a new puppet of mine named Charlie Check First.  He is in the shape of a check mark, and his safety rule is: Check first before going anywhere with anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you know the person or not, you always have to check with the adult in charge before going anywhere or accepting gifts, opening the door, answering the phone, etc..  Please review these safety rules with your children.  A letter went home with more safety rules for children and parents.  If you need a copy, please contact me.

First and Second grades- 

First and second graders are learning about how to manage angry feelings and problem solving.  They too will finish the year with personal safety lessons with Charlie Check First.  Please see above for details.

Third Grade- 

Third graders are continuing to learn about problem solving, using the STEP acronym to help them remember the steps.

Fourth Grade-

The fourth graders are learning about how and when to report bullying if it happens,  and what to do if you are a bystander.  Bystanders are witnesses to bullying, and should try to be part of the solution.  Please ask your child what that means, to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.  They should be able to tell you that if you are not doing something to help the person getting bullied, (by either standing up for them [refusing the bullying] or going to tell an adult, or take the victim away to help them and tell an adult, then you are part of the problem.   Ms. Greenstein’s class also ended the year with a lesson on hygiene, that the other 4th grades already covered.

I have really enjoyed working with all of your children, and wish you all the best during the summer.  Keep your children reading, so they don’t go backwards, and enjoy your time with your kids.  Before you know it, it will be September, and a new year will begin.


Mrs. Foytek,
Meadow View Counselor,
541-607-9701 ext 2645





April Counselor’s Corner

Welcome back!  I hope everyone has had a nice break and are well rejuvenated for the final trimester of the year.  I spent my spring break with family and really enjoyed the time off to get caught up on everything.  

Classroom Guidance- 

Kindergarten- Kindergartners have just finished up the “We Have Skills” program, with the last skill being how to manage strong feelings.  In April, they will be learning skills to help them solve problems and fair ways to play with each other.

First grade-  First graders have been learning social skills to help them get along better with others, and are beginning to learn problem solving skills.  

Second grade- Second graders have been learning about impulse control and problem solving skills, including how to calm down when they are having strong feelings.  The steps for problem solving that first AND second graders are using are phrased as questions, and are:  1.  What is the problem?  2.  What are some solutions?  3.  Evaluate each solution and ask: Is it safe?  Is it fair?  Does it respect everyone’s feelings?  Will it work?  4.  Choose a solution and do it.  5.  Re-evaluate- did your solution work?  If not, go back and try a different solution.  In April, we will be learning about how to join in a group activity, and possibly get to learning anger management skills.

Please ask your first and second grade children if they remember the steps to solve a problem and review with them as needed.  The more they use these skills, the better they will get at it.

Third grade & 2/3 blend-   Third graders have also been learning problem solving skills, and are using the acronym, STEP, to help them remember the steps, which are basically the same as above.  S= Say the problem without blame    T= Think of solutions that are safe and respectful  E=  Explore consequences- what could happen if…..  P=  Pick the best solution and make your plan.   Since this acronym is new to your third grader, please review it often with your child to help them solve problems successfully.

Fourth grade- Fourth graders are continuing to learn about respect and bullying.   

Resources:  Don’t forget to check out the resources tab above.  I have recently downloaded several resources.  The homework help resources are on the left hand side of my blog, under parents and students.


Mrs. Foytek,

Meadow View Counselor

541-607-9701 ext. 2645


Here’s an update for classroom guidance:

Kindergarten: We have recently learned about following the rules and getting along with others, and how those skills can help us in school.

First and Second Grade: First and second graders are learning social skills. Currently they are learning to solve problems with others.

Third grade: Third graders have just finished up study skills, and are now learning about empathy.

Fourth grade: Fourth graders are or will be learning about bullying. First they will cover how to recognize bullying.

Peer Mediation : The Seeds of Peace trainers Therese and Betsy Ruth came to our school to do a refresher training for our upper grades students, and train our mediators that had not finished the training yet. Although there was a small turn out, all went well and now our mediators are ready to go out onto the playground to help others solve problems.

March Madness: Our March madness 8th grade against the staff basketball game is coming up on Tuesday, March 12th at 6pm! I can’t wait. It should be fun and a really good fundraiser for the 8th graders. Plan ahead so that you can make it to watch the game!


Mrs. Foytek

February Counselor’s Corner

Wow!  I can’t believe it is already February.  Time seems to be going by so fast. We have had quite a few students sick lately, so make sure your children are getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthy, and washing hands a lot, especially after going to the bathroom, sneezing/coughing, and before eating.

Classroom guidance-
Kindergarten: Kindergarteners are learning how following school rules can help make school a safe place so no one gets hurt, and also helps in their social interactions.

First grade: First graders are learning that their feelings can differ from others, or can be the same about the same situation, and that those feelings can change.

Second grade: Second graders are learning a strategy for solving problems.  Step 1 is to calm down if needed.  Step 2 is to Ask yourself: What is the problem?  Step 3 is to Ask yourself: What are some solutions?  Step 4 is to: Evaluate your solutions by asking yourself: Is it safe?; Is it fair?; How might people feel about it?; and Will it work?  Step 5 is to: Choose a solution and do it.  And Step 6 is to Evaluate afterwards: How did I do?; What worked?; What didn’t work?; What would I do differently next time?  By the end of the unit, your child should be able to tell you the steps and most importantly, be able to solve problems with others.  Ask your child if he/she knows the steps for solving a problem, and if they forget, you can remind them of what to do.

Third grade: Third graders are learning skills to help them be successful learners in school.  They have already learned that listening, focusing attention, and self-talk, not only help them learn, but also show respect to others.

Fourth grade: Fourth graders had or will be having a lesson on personal hygiene.  They read a hygiene article that discussed how body odor occurs and what to do to keep it at bay.  The article also discussed what to do about bad breath and stinky feet.  We discussed how combing our hair, brushing our teeth and tongue, bathing, and wearing clean clothes not only helps us smell better, it shows that we care for and respect ourselves.  Ask your child if they know why it is important to change their socks often, especially in hot weather or after a sports game.  The Answer:  Their feet sweat, so their socks get wet, and it can cause Athlete’s foot, as well as make your feet stink!

Peer Mediation:
Peer mediation has been going well.  There will be a refresher training coming up on February 15th, on our no school day, for those that would like a refresher, or those who didn’t finish going to the second day of training.  There will be more information sent home to the students who are or have been mediators in the past.  Even middle schoolers will get a chance to mediate this year!

Resources: Continue reading

In partnership with Food for Lane County’s Produce Plus program-

Free Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

Where:  Cascade Middle School

When:  Every Monday 4-7 pm

No Farmer’s market on Monday January 21st- Will be on Tuesday, 22 instead.

No Farmer’s Market on Monday February 18th- Will be on Tuesday 19th instead.

Everyone in the community is welcome.  Please bring your own bags.  For more information, call 541-461-6301.

January Counselor’s Corner

Welcome back and happy new year to all!  I hope everyone had a restful winter vacation.  I spent the holidays with my husband and kids, and spent a week in Minnesota, visiting my family there (parents, sisters and brothers, and niece and nephew).  Wow is it cold there!  I am glad to be back to our Eugene weather.

Classroom Guidance:
Kindergarten:  Kindergarteners will be taking a break from the “We Have Skills Program” to focus attention on personal space.  They will be learning about personal space, and how to use it wisely.
First grade:  First graders will continue to learn about feelings, trying to recognize similarities and differences and that feelings can change.
Second grade: Second graders will be starting a new Second Step unit called Impulse Control and Problem Solving.  They will be learning the steps to solve a problem.  Parents, ask your child if they remember the steps (probably by mid January).
Third grade and ⅔ blend: Third graders will continue to be learning skills for learning, including being respectful learners, using self-talk, being assertive, and planning to learn.
Small Groups: Small groups are starting in January.  If your child has a need for a small group, please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Peer Mediation:  The January schedule is posted under the peer mediation page on my blog.  If there needs to be any changes, just let me know.  It was quite difficult to put together, so I may have made some mistakes.   I tried to schedule different pairs of mediators for AM and PM and also tried to not schedule them more than once a week.  There may be an occasional time where your child will mediate more than once a week, but it shouldn’t happen very often.  The afternoon mediation time also includes the mediators lunch period, so even though it looks like a long period of time, your child will also be eating lunch during this time and mediating their own recess as well.

We will be getting the chance to have a refresher course, provided by the Seeds of Peace Peer Mediation Trainers in February.  I am hoping to have the 6th and 7th grade students that have mediated in the past attend, as well as any current mediators that would like the refresher and any mediators that didn’t attend the last full day of training and would like to mediate this year.

Mrs. Foytek,
Meadow View Counselor
541-607-9701 ext. 2645

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