Meadow View Peer Mediation Schedule 2015-16

First Trimester:

Tuesdays and Thursdays during the morning K-3 recess ( 10:20-10:33):

Cayden Fuller

Billy Bauer

Kaylee McCall

Ella Kenan



Meadow View Peer Mediation Schedule 2014
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A.M. Recess Bring your clip board and vest out to your recess, then go over to the lower grades playground when your recess is done.
10:20-10:35 Isaac H.            Manley

Emily T.          Manley

Katie D.          Manley

Abigail R.        Meinardus

Brianna W.      Manley

Demi R.          Manley

Taylinn D.       Manley

Hayden S.     Manley

Megan B.           Simpson

Avarie S.           McKinnis

Lunch recess
1st grade: Eat after you come in from mediating
11:50-12:15 Kelli O.        Woods

Hailey K.     McKinnis

Xander B.      Meinardus

Emily R.      Meinardus

Julie R.     Woods

Yareli H.        Meinardus

Andre H.      McKinnis

Sol Q.        Simpson

Allie B.          Woods

Delaney L.        Woods

2/3rd grade: Eat after you come in from mediating.
12:00-12:25 Megan B.      Simpson

Brianna W.       Manley

Allie B.           Woods

Yareli H.      Meinardus

Kelli O.           Woods

Taylinn D.     Manley

Delaney L.      Woods

Hailey K.         McKinnis

Xander B.        Meinardus

Andre H.



Malabon Mediation Schedule  2013-14
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:20- 9:351st-3rd Grd Recess Jade -5th Mr. McKDestany – 4th Mr. D Damien -5th Ms. HaleyDenahli -4th Mr. D Samantha T – 5th Mr. McKHaley S. -5th McK Fiona -4th Mr. DNick S -5th Mr. McK Ben -4th    Ms. KampferCarter -5th Mr. McK
10:40-10:552nd Grd Lunch


Samantha J – 4th           Ms. KampferNathan -4th Ms. Kampfer Eileen -5th Mr. McKZaira -4th Ms. Kampfer Jakob -4th Mr. DBraden F 5th           Ms. Haley Marrissa -5th  Mr. McKValory -5th Mr. McK
11:05-11:20    1st Grd Lunch Recess Emily J -5th Mr. McKCamilla -5th Mr. McK Jayla – 5th Ms. HaleyOlivia – 5th Mr. McK Bella- 4th        Ms. KampferEmily J -5th    Mr. McK/alt

Bailey D -5th Ms. Haley

Amythist -5th Mr. McKKahlin -4th Mr. D Emily G – 5th Ms. HaleyHaley M – 5th   Ms. Haley
11:45-123rd Grd Lunch Recess Reilly -5th Ms. HaleyHaley J. -5th Ms. Haley Briley -5th Mr. McKBrianna S -5th Ms. Haley Bailey D -5th Ms. HaleyDarian – 5th Ms. Haley

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