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Poetry Need help with rhyming words?  Try these free internet rhyming dictionaries:  Poetry4kids or RhymeZone

Online Writing Resources  Looking for some resources to improve your writing?  This site is loaded with writing tips and interactive writing software:  readwritethink.

Letter Writing  Here’s a great site to assist with the formatting of a friendly letter.

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The Presidents


Wikipedia for Kids

Bethel Docs

I have set up student accounts.  We will be using these accounts to word process some our writing or for other misc. school projects.   This website enables students to access their assignments from any computer (as long as it has internet access) and work on it outside of school.  Students have  limited access to computers here at school.  Therefore,  when the kids want to finish typing their work, it’s nice to be able to do it from home.

Here are the steps:
1. Log In (Request Username and Password from teacher, if needed.)

2. Select “Create New” to begin a new document OR edit an existing document by clicking on the file name. (If you can’t find your document, select “all items” on the left side of the screen.)

3. Be sure to name your document by clicking on “Untitled Document” AND include your first name in the file name.

If you are using Bethel Docs for the first time or need a review of how to use it, click here.


It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s fun.  Create quality cartoons that you can print or share on-line.  See the “How To” instructions below or click here to get started now.

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