Full Thriller Practice Videos really slow speed and (regular speed).


Learn Thriller in 8 easy lessons:

1 Learn Zombie March

Practice Zombie March

2 Learn March Booty Swim

 Practice March Booty Swim

3 Learn Shuffle Ha Slide

 Practice Shuffle Ha Slide

4 Learn Hip N’ Roar

 Practice Hip N’ Roar

5 Learn Wuz Up

 Practice Wuz Up

6 Learn Oh Snap Rock On

 Practice Oh Snap Rock On

7 Learn Head N’ Shoulders

 Practice Head N’ Shoulders

8 Learn Stomp

 Practice Stomp

 Review All Lessons Part 1

 Practice Whole Dance  (Really Slow)

 Review All Lessons Part 2

 Full Whole Dance (Reg Speed)

 Practice-Music Only (Reg Speed)

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