Mrs. Haley's 3rd Grade


Dear Parents,

Reading is the ultimate super power! And with the help of the BOOK IT! ® Program, our class will be growing our reading skills over the next nine months.

The mission of the BOOK IT! Program is to encourage more reading inside and outside of the classroom. The program is easy and fun! Your child has the opportunity to earn Reading Award Certificates by reading at home at least 20 minutes, 5 days a week. The Reading Award Certificates can be redeemed at Pizza Hut® where your child will receive a BOOK IT! award and a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza®.

 The BOOK IT! Program is sponsored by Pizza Hut and has been in elementary schools for more than 25 years. You might have participated in the program when you were in school! To learn more about BOOK IT!, please visit

 I hope you will join us in our mission and encourage your child to read every day.  Please sign the reading log sent home each month and remind your child to return it to school after the last day of each month.  The reading log is required and is calculated into your child’s reading grade.

 Thank you!

The letter below will be coming home in the Tuesday folders this week.  It will contain your child’s username and password to enable you to access their on-line math assessments. 

The first math quiz, taken last week, is available on-line now. 

If your child has access to the Internet, I can make available some on-line interactive tools through Pearson Success Net.  These tools will allow your child the opportunity to be more prepared for math quizzes or tests. 

Please let me know if you are interested in trying these online tools at home by contacting at me at or 541-461-6421.

We are very excited to announce the addition of Pearson SuccessNet to our educational curriculum here at MALABON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Pearson SuccessNet offers you the opportunity to look inside your child’s day-to-day learning.

How to get started? It’s as easy as 123!
Success at school can be a shared learning experience!
As a partner helping your child make the most of learning, Pearson SuccessNet offers the right tools for you and your child. It all begins with a simple login at the web site.

How to access the Web site:

  1. Access your Internet browser — Internet Explorer v6.0 (PC) or Safari v2.0 (MacOSX) and
    high-speed connection recommended.
  2. Enter the URL (site address) —
  3. Then, use the following information to get started in Mrs. Haley’s 2011-12 Math Group classroom:

    Your child’s user name:
    Your child’s password:
    Note: User name and password are case sensitive

  4. Congratulations! You should see your home page.

You will be amazed at how motivated and excited your child will be to share in the interactive learning experiences while studying at home. Watch as your child “teaches” you how to access the resources we utilize in the classroom.

Sincerely yours,

Theresa Haley

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

 I am excited about our great start in Fifth Grade.  I have a wonderful group of students who are eager to learn!  Visit this classroom blog,, to stay informed about upcoming classroom events, view assigned homework, order Scholastic books, find links to educational websites, and much more.  Select the “Subscribe to Posts” tab on my blog if you wish to receive an email notification whenever new information is posted.

 To enable your child to be successful, I would like you to be aware of some of our classroom procedures.  Homework will usually be assigned daily, Monday through Thursday.  However, due to budget reduction days, I will likely assign math homework on a Friday of a shortened school week.  Your child is responsible for completing this homework and returning it the next school day.  I recommend students use a homework folder to help them be more organized and complete homework on time.  This is an important habit for students to develop before they enter middle school.  A spelling list will be sent home each Monday beginning the 3rd week of school for you to keep and study with your child each week.  Please set up a time and place for students to complete their homework and check to see if it is completed whenever possible.  If an emergency arises, please let me know.

 Tuesday Folders are sent home weekly with important papers.  Take the time to check the contents and sign the back cover of the folder so students may return it to school the next day.   Feel free to make comments or write notes for me as needed using this communication system.

 My class will be heading to the library on Thursday afternoons.  Please remind your child to place their library book in their backpack the night before so they may check out a new book.

 Your child can earn Malabon cash and extra privileges by returning library books, Tuesday folders, and homework on time.  In addition, they are rewarded for exhibiting responsible behavior and turning in quality work throughout the school day.

 I consider Fifth Grade and important year and want your child to have an exciting and positive experience.  Please contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.  Your child is a priority!


 Theresa Haley

541-461-6421 #2516

Thanks for all the parents and students who dropped by on Thursday.  I appreciated  getting a chance to meet you.  I’m looking forward to an amazing school year.

My classroom blog will help you stay informed about upcoming classroom events.  It’s also a helpful tool for homework help and links to educational websites.


There is a lot happening in the next few months.  Be sure to stay informed of upcoming field trips, state testing schedule, and activities to assist your child’s transition to middle school.  Dates are listed on the calendar tab of this blog and more detailed information will be coming home in Tuesday folders.

Please help your child be prepared to take the second round of state testing by ensuring they receive a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast.  See the April testing schedule below.

April 12-13 Reading State Testing

April 19-20 Science State Testing

April 27-28 Math State Testing

Most students in my room will be taking the state reading test tomorrow and Wednesday from 8:30-9:30.  You can help your child be successful by making sure they get a good nights rest (at least 8 hours) and encourage them to eat a healthy breakfast. 


Mrs. Haley

Remind your students to do their math review worksheets on Thursday to prepare for the Quiz 2A on Friday, October 15.  Then go to Pearson Success Net on Friday to view their test score.  Ask your student for the login information or you may call or email me to obtain it.

I would like feedback  from Malabon parents, guardians, and students on the usefulness of this site.   Please let me know if you have suggestions for improvement by clicking on the comment link above.

Thanks for your input.

Mrs. Haley

Thanks for checking out our classroom blog.   It is a great place to stay informed about your 3rd grader’s education.  Please feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email if you have any questions.          Mrs. Haley’s Google Voice 541-991-8358         Malabon  541-461-6421