Exciting news!  Bethel Awarded $100,000 For Farm To School Program

Bethel’s current Farm to School program will be expanded thanks to a $100,000 grant from the USDA.

As the only grant recipient in Oregon, Bethel will be able to bring science-based school garden education and nutrition education to each of its elementary schools.

The grant will also fund student field trips to the Bethel Farm and cooking classes for Kalapuya High School students.

Willamette’s Graphic Arts students will design and develop signage for cafeterias and school menus, and create promotional materials for the Farm to School program and the district’s Try It Thursday program.

Bethel’s Nutrition Services Department also recently received a $5,000 award for its use and promotion of mushrooms in school meals.



This May we hosted two fieldtrips to the Bethel Farm. We welcomed two third grade classrooms from Fairfield Elementary to come and help on the farm. Kalapuya high school students planned, prepared and implemented these trips. The third graders were able to do a helping task on the farm, prepare a salad and make their very own ranch dressing and learn about the honey bees on the farm. It was a fun day for everyone involved.






Welcome to the Bethel Farm!  We are a 3.5 acre farm located between Kalapuya High School and Prairie Mountain School in Eugene, OR.  The farm is the result of the Bethel School District staff and students’ thoughtful planning, and hard work.  We would like to thank the Oregon Community Foundation for its generous support of our project.

Our first farm season was Spring of 2016 when we grew approximately 4000 pounds of vegetable for the local Bethel community, and school district cafeterias.   A crew of student workers, along with the help of principal Stefan Aumack and other staff, build a 40×60 cedar barn on the site.  The barn is used for processing vegetables, seeds, and as an educational classroom.  We also offer the barn for rent for special events during the summer.