About Us

The Bethel Farm is the manifestation of many people’s vision and hard work over several years.  Kalapuya High School’s sustainable agriculture class researched the feasibility of creating a district farm and after several attempts to locate a farm nearby for the district to purchase, it was realized that we could use the extra field space between Kalapuya HS and Prairie Mountain School to build a large farm right on our district property.  Through a generous donation from Oregon Community Foundation, and many other donors, the dream became a reality with the raising of a beautiful barn and the breaking of farm ground in the Spring of 2016.

Volunteers and visitors are encouraged to get in touch with us!  Please go to the Volunteer Page to learn more.

Every year on Mother’s Day weekend Kalapuya hosts a plant sale with hanging baskets and vegetable starts.  The proceeds go to supporting our sustainable agriculture education program.  Students enjoy growing the plants as well as setting up and staffing the weekend sale.