How to use this blog page:  Everything in blue is an active link to a document.  The Boldface titles take you to unit outlines with links to assignments and rubrics for the unit.  The blue links that aren’t in bold are direct links to assignments for the unit.  They can be completed outside of class time if your student needs to catch up.

Unit 1:   Safety and Measuring:


     Machining Textbook

Unit 2:  Skills Rotations


        Lathe Blog Activity

        Lathe Operating Instructions

         Aluminum Bushing Project

        Finger Top

       Chess Pawn with Knurled Base

       Chess Set

        Brass Hammer Instructions


          Mill Blog Activity

         Milling Operating Instructions

          Milling a Cube

          Milling a stepped pyramid

         Milling a Tablesaw Setup Gauge

     TIG Welding

        TIG Blog Activity

Scale-model Drift Boat Project

     MIG Welding

      MIG Blog Activity

      MIG Welded Cube Project

     Arc Welding

       Arc Blog Activity

       Piggy Bank Project Instructions


        Blacksmithing Blog Activity

Unit 3:  Final Project

        Balloon Launcher Activity

        Balloon Launcher Blog Activity

Final Review

Final Exam