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Advanced Woods Syllabus

Course Outline

Unit 1:  Safety  and Joinery Review

Safety Review and Test

Intro to Joinery Blog Activity

Stock Preparation Blog Activity

Stock Preparation Lesson with links

  Stock Preparation Slide Show Template

Unit 2:  Pocket-hole Joinery

Pocket-hole Joinery Blog Activity

Short Person Shim Project

Unit 3:  Table Saw Joinery

Half-lap Joinery Blog

Table Saw Joint Sample Instructions

Table Saw Joinery Blog Activity

Curio Wall Cabinet Project

Unit 4:  Picture Frame: Bridle Joints and Miter Joints

Bridle and Miter Joint Blog Activity

Picture Frame Project

Unit 4:  Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Mortise and Tenon Joinery Blog Activity

Hall Table Project

Unit 5:  Student Choice Projects