How to use this blog page:  Everything in blue is an active link to a document.  The Boldface titles take you to unit outlines with links to assignments and rubrics for the unit.  The blue links that aren’t in bold are direct links to assignments for the unit.  They can be completed outside of class time if your student needs to catch up.

Unit 1: Safety and Measuring


      Paper Box Instructions

Unit 2:  Skills Rotations

Arc Welding

      Arc Blog Activity

MIG Welding

      MIG Blog Activity

Oxy-fuel Welding

      Oxy-fuel Blog Activity

Sheet Metal Fabrication

      Sheet Metal Blog Activity

      Sheet Metal Project Instructions

      Cell Phone Stand

      Basic Box

      Triangle Box

      Tool Tray and Handle

      Square to Round Instructions (from the Sheet Metal Institute)

      Square to Round Drawing and Pattern (from the Sheet Metal Institute)


Foundry, Cutting and Grinding

    Cutting and Grinding

   Foundry Blog Activity

   Foundry Mold Making Procedure

Forge (Blacksmithing)

       Forge Blog Activity

      Coat Hook Procedure

      Coat Hook Grading Rubric

Final Review

     Welding Rubric

      Tool ID Review Sheet

      Final Review