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My name is Torie Meyer. I am a 2nd grade teacher at Danebo Elementary School. Not only am I a teacher in the Bethel School District, I was also a student of the Bethel School district. I attended Malabon, Cascade, and graduated from Willamette High School.

This is my fourth year teaching at Danebo Elementary School. I was a substitute teacher for three years for the Bethel School District and the Junction City School District prior to getting a job at Clear Lake in the 2013-2014 school year. I was the facilitating teacher for third grade, teaching 3rd grade reading and math.

Last year I taught 2nd grade full time at Danebo Elementary School, and I am happy to be returning to a new group of second graders this year.

I have a 5 year old son named Andon, and a 2 year old daughter named Teagan. Teagan loves to visit frequently to see her second graders. Her second graders love it when she visits too. My husband Anthony is a project manager for a construction company. In my spare time I love playing outside with my kids, going on walks and hikes, reading, cooking, and gardening.


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